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Our cleaning services

We are proud to offer you as an individual or your small business our full maid service.

Magdalena help you in your home with cleaning weekly, by month according to your wishes.
The same applies to the smaller company.

All cleaning materials supplied by the cleaning company and are always guaranteed good quality.

Cleaning may include:

All rooms

Vacuum cleaning of all floors, carpets, upholstered / upholstered furniture (for hygienic reasons, we may use customer's own vacuum cleaner if required, otherwise it keeps cleaning company with the same in their own cleaning package.)

Shaking of small carpets the opportunity

Drying of baseboards, doors, frames, window sills, open areas, on top of cabinets, mirrors and glass surfaces (no window)

Emptying bins


Drying of all porcelain

cabinet Doors

shower areas

Mopping the floor


Appliances and door handles

Fireplace, kitchen worktops, tiles


Mopping the floor

Final cleaning

Construction cleaning

The final cleaning includes everything to be clean and tidy when it's time for you to move in.

Window cleaning

All types of windows.


We take care of your office cleaning with the same care we take care of our customers' homes.

A wonderfully fresh workplace is a prerequisite for a good working environment and job satisfaction. Contact Magdalena for an offer and book a test cleaning.

Big cleaning

As agreed with you as a customer.

Contact us

Grimstad 2
585 63 Linghem
(Bygg) +46 (0)703 959 522
(Städ) +46 (0)705 972 106

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