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On July 25, 2003, a new law on electronic communications. Under this law, all visitors to sites that use cookies informed. The visitor should also be able to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer. A cookie is a small file with text that is stored on your computer when you visit a site that uses cookies. Next time you visit the site analyzes your browser cookie and displays the pages according to your preferences.

Linghem Bygg och Städ AB website uses cookies to remember your personal settings on our site. We use cookies only to make it easier for you to visit our sites. If you do not agree to the saved cookies on your computer, you can change the settings on your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.) so that it does not store any cookies.

Are cookies dangerous?

No. Cookies are not dangerous. Cookie files are plain text files and can not contain viruses. The files are small and the browser only allows a certain number of cookies stored in memory. There is no risk that the memory becomes full, just because you allow cookies.